About the Lottery Genie

Back in ancient times, genies were believed to have supernatural powers and were believed to bring luck and good fortune. The genie mythology has evolved to include the Genie's lamp. By rubbing the "Magic" Lamp, the genie would appear and grant your wishes.

The English word "Lottery" stems from the Dutch word loterij, which is derived from the Dutch noun "lot", meaning "fate". The earliest records of organized lottery dates back to Augustus of the Roman Empire, all the way back to 27 B.C. and is still going strong.

We welcome you to "Rub the Lamp", and let's see if the genie brings you good luck! May your fate be of riches, good health and plenty of time to enjoy it!

As a player who won a 4-digit game, I was curious as to “How Lucky was My Number?”. I became curious about statistical facts and how often certain numbers are winners. Upon searching the web for answers, I discovered I couldn’t find any online sources offering this type of information. So I created “thelotterygenie.com” to provide other players with information they might feel is interesting and important.

Please remember, however, that past winners aren’t necessarily future winners. TheLotteryGenie.com was created for entertainment value and can’t predict anything,

But it’s sure fun to see how your favorite numbers have played in the past.

Have fun and I hope you win someday!