Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello Lottery Fans,

The genie is very curious and wants to know your favorite lottery game.

Are you a 3 digit guy, a 4 digit girl or are big wins your fancy? Lotto, Megaball or Powerball your desire, or Keno and Fantasy 5 - maybe just a medium size win works for you.

What would make you HAPPY?

Tell us your favs.


  1. A Keno Win or a Fantasy 5 Win would make me very happy, enough to buy a new car, pay off the bills and take a couple great trips ... for starters!

  2. 5 to 10 Million...That would make me very happy! I want to give my winnings away to my community, friends, and family! That would make me the happiest woman on the earth. Plus, leave a little left over so I could retire, take some college classes, and take my grand daughter to Disney World:-)

  3. yeah agree, 5 to 10 million or more! to pay off all debts, buy a home, adopt more animals, give money to some friends, family, travel, invest some money, retire, but start a home based online business. =)